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Years of reading self-help books and their focus on reciting affirmations made our founder Todd wonder why affirmations ‘didn’t stick’ or change behavior.  He would also often do jigsaw puzzles with his wife Karin to relax and spend quality time with his family.  Upon some research, Todd discovered jigsaw puzzles are unique in that they engage both the creative and analytical hemispheres of the brain causing them to harmonize.  Much like meditation, it is in this relaxed but focused “Alpha” state that affirmations can be more readily absorbed by the subconscious and bring about self-improvement. Todd then came up with the concept of incorporating affirmations into a puzzle, and Aspire Puzzles was born.  

Our start-up is a husband/wife team based in Minnesota. We are family oriented and quite honestly a bit of home-bodies.

Our mission is to help others through play. We value Encouragement, Fun and being supportive of our community and each other.

Our initial offering is a modest three designs, with more on the way.  We welcome your feedback and ideas!